Xtrade Online CFD Trading Review

September 03, 2016

XTrade is a leading CFD broker and they provide a wide range of assets for investors to trade, look at this. The offer over 50 major & minor currency pairs, more than 10 commodities, 25 market indices, and almost 100 shares from US, UK, Italy, France and Spain listed exchanges.

Traders at XTrade use the easy to use & user friendly web based trading platform. Additionally, they offer a great mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows, for easy trading on both your Tablet and Smartphone

Xtrade Online CFD Trading Review
If you are still trading forex the “old fashioned way” with MT4 and a like-minded broker, then you may have missed out on the many innovations that have hit the market in recent years. Next to binary options, the next fastest growing way to trade has been to go the Contracts for Differences (CFDs) route with a firm like, which has been in the business since 2010. A spin off from “spread betting”, this straightforward trading regimen involves buying a contract with your broker that will pay off if the market moves in your favor. Your reward is based on the difference between your opening and closing position, the units purchased, and leverage chosen. This genre offers more flexibility, and, for this reason, the forex brokers in this arena have chosen to add stocks, commodities, and indices to the mix to broaden your possibilities and trading enjoyment.

Why trade with The firm lists these reasons:
* Founded in 2010 by industry professionals with diverse experiences in the brokerage industry;

* Five global offices supporting traders in 140 countries

* Client deposits are segregated for safety purposes and protected further up to 20,000 Euros by the Investor Compensation Fund in Cyprus

* Standard account and a free demo account upon registration – customization may apply if more than $10,000 is deposited

* Standard account and a free demo account upon registration – customization may apply if more than $10,000 is deposited;

 *   More than 150 CFD asset choices, including Currency pairs (51 plus BitCoin), Stocks (74); Indices (12); and Commodities (13)

 *   Trading platform is proprietary, online only, and requires no downloads

 *   Mobile apps are also available

 *   No commissions charged – XTrade is compensated for its services through the Bid/Ask spread

 *   Leverage can be as high as 400:1 for forex, and as low as 20:1 for stock CFDs

 *   Trading support includes professional charts, technical analysis tools, alerts, and training provided by customer service reps

Unlike other service providers who charge a commission on each trade, at XTrade uses fixed spreads on its Forex trades. For example, the spread between the buy and sell prices of the EUR/USD pair is only 2 pips. Traders trading Forex can benefit from an additional return on their investments with up to 1:400 in leverage. Forex trading can begin with as little as $100 but with leverage the effect can go as high as $40,000.

 XTrade clients have a choice of different stock index CFDs from around the world. Indices are financial instruments that represent the value of index groupings of publicly traded companies. They offer the opportunity to profit from rising markets as well as falling markets. Included in the lineup are S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, GER 30, and JPN 225. There are no commissions and leverage of 1:200 is possible.

XTrade is a large broker for CFD trading. They are owned by XFR Financial Ltd which is located at: 140 Vasileos Konstantinou, Tofias Building 2, Limassol, Cyprus.
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