Binary Option Strategies Part 2

April 22, 2016
There are different assets to choose from in binary trading. But, the oldest most efficient approach to lower risks is to target on one asset. Trade on assets which are most familiar to you like euro-dollar rates. Repeated trading on it will assist you to get familiarity with the rate and the forecast of the trend of value will be simpler. There are two kinds of binary options trading strategies explained below which can be of great advantage in binary options trading.
1. Straddle Strategy

This binary option strategy is best used during market volatility and also before the break of vital news connected to a specific stock or when analysts predictions seem to be afloat. Straddle Strategy is a respected strategy used throughout the global binary options trading community . This strategy is known for giving ability to the binary options trader to ignore the PUT and CALL option selection, however instead putting both option on a chosen asset.

The main idea is to use PUT when value of the binary options asset is increased, however there is an belief or indication that it will start to drop soon. Immediately the decline starts, put the CALL option on it, anticipating it to bounce back soon.

2. Trend Strategy

A simple binary option strategy adopted by binary options trading beginners and expert traders. This binary options trading strategy is often known as bull bear strategy and looks on monitoring, declining, flat, and rising trend line of a traded binary options asset. If there exists a flat trend line and a forecast that the asset's price will rise, No Touch Option is adviced.

If the binary options trend line indicates that the binary options asset is going to go up, choose CALL.

If the trend line indicates a fall in the asset price, choose PUT.
Binary Option Strategies Part 2

This method functions the same as CALL/PUT option rather in this instance, you choose the price the binary options asset should not reach before the indicated period. For instance, Google’s share price is $540 additionally the binary trading platform is on the $570 No Touch price with total percentage returns of 77%. In case the price does not reach $570 after the defined time, then there's a gain.
Binary Option Strategy Part 1
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