How To Became A Social Intelligent Leader 2016

January 01, 2016
Socially intelligent leaders have the ability to respond deftly in these types of situations. When colleagues express frustration, a socially intelligent leader knows how to listen carefully, empathize, and take measures to help improve conditions.

Keep in mind: As a socially intelligent leader, you can do this even when a person’s complaints seem truly unfounded. You don’t need to condone a reaction; but you should acknowledge the emotions behind that reaction, and suggest a couple of solutions. This will at least decrease the magnitude of any harmful emotions.

Studies show that socially intelligent leaders do more than just make people happier at work. In a survey of employees at seven hundred companies, the majority said that a supportive boss mattered more than how much money they earned. This study also showed that caring bosses drive increased productivity and encouraged employees to stay with their companies. It seems that most people don’t want to work for hostile bosses, regardless of the pay.
How Do I Become Socially Intelligent?

You probably already are. If you don’t agree, know that you can cultivate social intelligence. First, learn how to focus. Socially intelligent leadership begins with being engaged and focused on your work. If you’re disengaged from your role, you won’t be able to put others at ease. An engaged leader can tap into her innate social intelligence – discerning how people feel and why, expressing appropriate concern, and interacting skillfully to encourage positive states of thinking.
A Social Intelligent Leader

Being a socially intelligent leader isn’t about having all of the answers, it’s about knowing how to address the matter appropriately, and with compassion. When a problem presents itself, that’s just one part of it,  it’s crucial that you also address the needs and fears of the people who have been affected by it.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) vs. Social Intelligence (SQ)
The concept of emotional intelligence originated within a facet of brain science that studied the affect emotions have on our ability to think well. This has since been expanded upon, now with a focus on how two brains interact. EQ and SQ both relate to the way one deals with emotions, but EQ focuses on how we handle our own emotions while SQ focuses on how we handle others’ emotions.

Social Intelligence with regard to Leadership
Successful leadership and SQ are directly related. To communicate effectively, it is helpful to be able to read into others’ thoughts and emotions. It is commonly expected that those in leadership positions have the knowledge and ability to address any issue, but often they do not. Goleman explains that, as a leader, it is important to listen carefully to others and integrate that knowledge with your own.
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