Silent Night In Holy City

December 22, 2014
If as human beings on earth celebrate the New Year with a festive unforgettable, so do not be surprised if in a hallway or narrow roads Mosque Minaret Regarding no afterthought by the majority of Muslims who try to reflect on this year-long trip. both good deeds and actions that make us emotionally draining, feelings and tears.

Menara Kudus

It is not as famous as the Taj Mahal or the Holy City of Mecca Mosque Minaret but Masjid Menara Kudus an icon that should never be underestimated by Muslims in Java in particular and Southeast Asia generally. With experience as an Artisan Ojeg for more than 5 years in the Holy towers surrounding the mosque complex makes you not think because of how they are pilgrims always visit this sacred place many times in a year and also hereditary migrate even after they become citizens of neighboring countries such as Malaysia or Singapore .

Do not expect to find the excitement as the new year in major cities in the world, the Holy as a small town will consider tonight as usual crate evening. They only know the Islamic New Year 1 Muharram. But if you are a non Muslims celebrate the new year in this city will be a great tolerance. Even this tolerance has been around since the first time Islam entered the Holy City. When sebagain citizens of this city was once predominantly Hindu and Buddhist which purifies animals Cow, then leader of Muslims in the Holy time Jafar Shoddiq or better known as Sunan Kudus did not allow its followers to not sacrifice animals dengaan cow, because it will hurt followers Hindu religion.

Currently all may have slightly changed but the crowds of pilgrims in this small town has not changed to any time and become the most important religious tourism destination in Java.
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