5 Important Things To Adsense In Double Pleated Blogspot

October 29, 2013
                     If you are using blogspot and wanted to double the monthly income , then you may have to try these tips . Not hard to impress even the simplest and also simple . Here are tips that I have outlined is based on experience so far ;1 . Choosing Templates for blogspot influence on adsense income , it relates to advertising layout and also the possibility of click on advertisement of any visitors , so choose a template that SEO and also try 2 column template with right- hand side bar .2 . Choose a color , either background or text color as well as the URL in the ad , as much as possible together with your blog content so it is easily recognizable and not trapping visitors in distinguishing advertising and blog content . To note that advertising is the bridge additional information from your article content .
5 Important Things To Adsense  In Double Pleated Blogspot

3 . Select the position of your ad in blogspot , could be above or below the post title . Or at the end of this article though which often contribute greatly to click ads .4 . Specifies the number of ads on a blog page , I suggest that put 2 pieces of advertising , at the top and bottom and one unit of ad links . Semakain slightly more expensive the ad the ads that appear on your blog because of the emergence of competition in the ad.5 . Organic traffic , is traffic or visitors coming from search engines . This indicates that your blog is useful to give the information sought for . And the higher number of visitors from search engines , then the better position your blog in the eyes of Google . Because blogs are made ​​for people and not for just advertising alone .I think every blogger will try with the assumption that the income can be increased , but for the past results will vary depending on many things , let's say different topics and also templates . may be useful.
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